Luciano Peñafiel

Hello! I am Luciano Peñafiel. I am a self-taught frontend developer, and below I will show you the most outstanding projects in which I have worked.


  • 2021Unit 1 Faro
  • 2021MODO
  • 2020Personal Blog
  • 2020Petersen Group
  • Unit 1 Faro 2021

    At Aerolab I was part of a great challenge, which consisted of creating an React Native application that would interact with an urban cycling helmet and allow you to customize all its light settings. That was one of my main tasks, in addition to uploading the application on App Store and Google Play.

    The main technologies used were: React Native, Styled-Components and Strapi.

  • MODO 2021

    At Aerolab I participated as technical leader in the redesign and development of the new Modo website, the wallet of most Argentine banks. My tasks as a technical leader Consisted on helping the team to solve problems when they were stuck, make architectural decisions and some devops tasks.

    The main technologies used were: React, Next.js, Styled-Components.

  • Personal Blog 2020

    Motivated by the desire to give back to the community a little of everything it has at given me and contribute my bit to the Spanish-speaking community, I decided to create my blog in which I write about topics related to frontend web development, but above all, the ones that I am most passionate about: web performance and accessibility.

    This blog is located in

  • Petersen Group 2020

    At Aerolab I was part of a great team of designers and developers with whom we built the websites for 4 banks under the same design systems. My main responsibility in the project was to integrate Contentful CMS so that the websites are managed by the client without the need for technical profiles on their team.

    The main technologies used were: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Styled-Components, Jest, StoryBook and Contentful.